Two Nudes by Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn

Nude in Ball on Floor. Oil on Wood. 14 H x 14 W x 1 in

The art of Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn focuses on the female form in nude, usually posed in subdued interior spaces. Unlike many paintings of women in the nude, the chosen poses, while often innovative, seem deliberately neutral; the artist is exploring the female form through color and light, but the intent seems neither to entice nor to repel; instead, it is an invitation to observe. In this respect, her work is refreshing.

In these two works, the model faces away from the painter. In one case, the figure is on the floor huddled in a ball, the arch of her back brightly lit by the studio lamps. In the other, the model sits in a butterfly pose on a stool. In contrast to many of her other works, these paintings utilize richer, earthier color tones, both in the depiction of the model, but in the depiction of the interior spaces.

Nude in Butterfly Pose. Oil on Canvas. 10 H x 10 W x 1 in

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