Available for a Limited Time by Sam Tudyk

Available for a Limited Time. Acrylic on Paper and Wood. 24 H x 20 W x 0.9 in

In Available for a limited Time by American artist Sam Tudyk a large, unused, billboard looms over two small houses on a green forested hill. Power lines pass behind it, hanging like old cobwebs, reinforcing the impression that, despite the signage’s self-reported availability, the billboard is derelict, once available, but as it turns out, only for a limited time.

Intermission. Mixed media on wood. 16 H x 20 W x 0.9 in

In Intermission an abandoned drive-in theater screen sits in an empty parking lot at night. Drive-in speakers on posts stand in neat rows, wires twisting like weeds. The dilapidated screen is riddled with holes, exposing the ribs of its backing frame. If it is intermission, no one has waited around to see the next act. But who knows? What is old can become new again.

Sam Tudyk

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